7 June 2022

Dekra Condition Report

All about the DEKRA Condition Report

Don't neglect the vehicle Condition Report. It's one of the most important tools in your arsenal for buying or selling a car. Why? Because it helps you accurately assess a vehicle's condition, which is important for pricing, financing, and insurance. It can also help you discover hidden problems, which could cost you time and money down the line? Are you buying or selling a vehicle? Book a condition report at one of the nationwide DEKRA branches.

What is a Condition Report?

The DEKRA Condition Report is an unbiased, comprehensive, digitalised, and image-rich report on the technical status of a vehicle. This report is valuable because it was created by an expert who has no bias toward the seller or prejudice against the buyer, and it provides you with impartial data about the condition of the vehicle.

Why should you get a DEKRA Condition Report?

There are many reasons why you should get a vehicle Condition Report. The comprehensive vehicle Condition Report gives an in-depth, digitalised report with images that will verify the actual state of the vehicle. Other known benefits of the DEKRA Condition Report include:

  • It is a full-scale report: It provides buyers and sellers with an in-depth report based on images and digitalised information.
  • Increases buying confidence: Prospective buyers will have a higher level of confidence if they know the vehicle has been independently inspected.
  • Security for the buyer: The Condition Report together, with the window sticker, is a distinctive marketing tool. The fact that the vehicle has been independently tested is valued by buyers when making a purchasing decision.

What does a Condition Report entail?

The DEKRA vehicle Condition Report includes the following:

  • Identification of the vehicle: Model, year, mileage on the clock, and any additions or accessories it may have
  • Verifying loose items: This includes the jack, vehicle spanner, and spare tyre.
  • Tire tread, rims, shocks, and brakes: The depth of tread on the tyres, wheels, and rims.
  • Exterior: Inspection of the exterior of the vehicle to identify any scratches or dents, as well as the condition of the vehicle's lights and wipers.
  • Engine compartment: A look at the general condition of the engine.
  • Electric components and instruments: Start the engine then inspect the fuel gauge, speedometer, window mechanisms, air conditioning/fans, and steering wheel.
  • Interior: The state of the seats in the vehicle, the carpets on the floor, the mirrors, the upholstery, and the boot.
  • Undercarriage: The undercarriage, axle, suspension, and exhaust of the vehicle.
  • Roadworthiness Check: Make sure the vehicle has passed its roadworthy test.

How does a Condition Report work?

First, contact the branch closest to you and make a booking. One of our qualified vehicle inspectors will test the brake efficiency, inspect the interior, exterior, and undercarriage, and check for mechanical issues. Any diagnostic checks are performed at a small extra fee. Once all tests are successful, the report is quality checked and sent electronically to your email.

To market a vehicle, the seller should perform a condition report on it first and then list it on their preferred platform. This is because a condition report will signal to a buyer that the vehicle has been tested and inspected, which ultimately adds value to their buying decision.

Condition Reports for buyers vs seller

For a vehicle seller, the DEKRA Condition Report demonstrates full transparency and goes a long way to building trust with potential buyers. A Condition Report is beneficial not only to the buyer of the vehicle but also to the seller.

While it can be intimidating to enter the used car market, there is no better way to get the wheels that you need in a tough economy than by purchasing a pre-owned car. If you're a buyer who is having second thoughts about buying a used car, you may want to make use of an independent vehicle Condition Report before committing to making a purchase. This report can help put your mind at ease when making this purchase.

Car sales are changing. With the rise of used car sales comes the need for a document that provides both the buyer and seller with an accurate report of the vehicle's condition. Book an independent Condition Report at a DEKRA branch near you.