Green Initiative

DEKRA Automotive is commitment to support the Government in its efforts to ensure a greener, cleaner South Africa for all.

Green Initiative

At DEKRA Automotive, we understand that the commitment to a greener and cleaner environment goes beyond just words. It's about action as well. Many organisations talk about the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, improving recycling efforts, and lessening their dependence on fossil fuels, but unfortunately, the true impact of these efforts often remains unseen.

We believe in the importance of setting tangible, measurable goals to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. Two of the ways we do that is through the services we offer and the content we create with the aim of sharing information and educating those willing to learn.

You can read about the role of DEKRA Condition Reports in sustainable vehicle ownership and how to reduce your carbon footprint through eco-friendly driving on our articles page.

But we're not stopping there. In an effort to boost our green initiative, DEKRA will now move to a cashless payment system. Going forward, we will accept only card payments and EFT (electronic funds transfer).

Moving to a cashless payment system offers numerous benefits for the environment, including:

  • Reduction in Paper and Plastic Usage: Cashless systems help to decrease deforestation and plastic waste by reducing the need for paper in traditional payment methods.

  • Lower Carbon Emissions: Cashless transactions can significantly reduce the carbon emissions associated with the production, transportation, and disposal of physical currency.

  • Decreased Pollution and Waste: Cashless payments lead to less industrial pollution by reducing reliance on the environmentally harmful chemicals and processes used in manufacturing money.

  • Reduction in Transportation Needs: By eliminating the need for the physical movement of money, cashless transactions further reduce carbon emissions from vehicles used in transportation.

At DEKRA, we're proud to say that our contributions towards a greener, cleaner future are not just theoretical, but can be seen as well. Let's work together to make a measurable difference for our environment.

Our strategic vision is to introduce international standards and quality of vehicle testing stations into the South African market. By doing so, we aim to significantly reduce the number of unroadworthy vehicles on the road, ultimately decreasing the risk of accidents and saving lives.

We're also deeply invested in enhancing the skills and expertise of professionals in this vital industry, ensuring the services we offer are both valuable and of the highest quality.

Commited to a Green Initiative

Since October 2008, DEKRA has invested millions of rands in the South African vehicle testing industry to help make our vision into a reality. Alongside this, our commitment to fostering a greener, cleaner environment remains strong and unwavering.

DEKRA believes in making a difference, one vehicle at a time.