Corporate Solutions

DEKRA is the leading supplier of corporate customised solutions.

Some of our clients

  • G&H Transport
  • DHL
  • Eagle Logistics

DEKRA is an international expert organisation with over 90 years of experience and and is totally committed to safety and quality. DEKRA is the leading supplier of customised solutions to Corporate Companies who requires vehicle testing and inspections that goes beyond a normal certificate.

Market pressures mean that large commercial fleets are not always able to pull vehicles out of circulation at will. By providing on site inspections and assessments, DEKRA is able to take the services to the company thereby minimising the impact of removing the vehicle from the operational fleet.

DEKRA’s range of quality products, assessments and services are aimed at providing the Fleet Manager with superior technical information relating to their fleet of vehicles.

Working in partnership with the company and using DEKRA’s extensive inspection knowledge and experience, DEKRA is able to develop customised inspection and/or assessment solutions designed to avoid unnecessary operational downtime and to protect the companies brand and image.

DEKRA has total commitment to safety and quality when it comes to the interaction between the commercial Fleet Operator and the environment. We are also an important partner for the automotive industry, the car trade, the insurance sector, logistics companies and the end user.

DEKRA specialises in the ability to understand the needs of the operator and develop solutions to meet these needs. Above all, DEKRA understands that operational downtime leads to a loss of revenue.