Theft Barrier

The DEKRA DOT serves as a thieve barrier and drastically reduces the chance of you being hijacked.

Unique Footprint

The DEKRA DOT, made up of 10,000 microscopic dots are efficiently applied giving your vehicle a unique DNA.

Quick Recovery

It makes the job of identifying you as the rightful owner easy for the SAPS even if the engine/chassis number has been damaged.

When do I need a DEKRA DOT

There is a time and place for everything, we suggest the following:

  • Cars older 2010
  • 2010
  • Future Cars

Try a Safety Check for a more detailed report.

Ideal time for the pitstop

There is a time and place for everything, we suggest the following:

  • You are buying a car
  • You own a car
  • Your are selling your car

DEKRA DOTs or Microdots are microscopic dots laser etched onto a 10mm dot and applied to eight key areas of the vehicle giving it a unique DNA. This in return makes it impossible for anyone to clone your vehicle and it's parts.

The microdots uniquely identifies you as the rightful owner.

Your name and contact details, vehicle vin and registration number, coupled with your personalised vehicle DNA are stored on our national database.

DEKRA is an accredited installer of microdots and our superior system does not compromise on quality. The DEKRA DOT is extremely affordable, requires no contract and takes 15 minutes to applicate.

Often vehicles are stolen merely for the spare parts that can be removed,

but this requires a 'market' to dispose of them. As from 1 September 2012, all vehicles registered for the first time are required by law to be fitted with microdots. This includes trailers, caravans and motorcycles.

By fitting the DEKRA DOT, it will drastically reduce the chance of you or your loved ones being the victim of another hijacking. This also prevents potential thieves from stealing the vehicle as the vehicle and its parts have been contaminated, thus making the vehicle undesirable.

It also makes the job of identifying the rightful owner, even if the engine/chassis number has been defaced, easy for the SAPS. Both the law enforcement and insurance companies can identify your vehicle at the push of a button.