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25 April 2022

Ten-point checklist for your car

What to expect during a Roadworthy Inspection

Car safety is something all drivers should be aware of. Roadworthy Inspections are necessary to ensure that your car is safe to drive and will make you aware of any faults that need to be attended to. If you haven't taken your vehicle for this important inspection yet, you may want to book one at your earliest convenience. Here is everything you need to know about the DEKRA Roadworthy Inspection!

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What you can expect during a DEKRA Roadworthy Inspection

A licensed inspector will check your car for any safety concerns. This includes things like checking the brakes, tires, and lights. They will also inspect the structure of the vehicle to make sure it meets safety standards. Passing a Roadworthy Inspection means that your car is safe to drive on public roads and it will give you peace of mind.

Roadworthy vehicle certificates in South Africa

A quality roadworthy certificate is a legal requirement in South Africa, as per the National Traffic Act and SANS 10047 10216, and it is against the law to drive a vehicle that is not deemed roadworthy. DEKRA is the leading supplier of Roadworthy Inspections and certificates in South Africa, and with human life being so precious, choosing the DEKRA Roadworthy Inspection will ensure better quality vehicles and safer South African roads.

Ten-point checklist for your car

Roadworthy certificates when buying or selling a car

If you are in the process of buying a car, a legal roadworthy certificate is a requirement before the vehicle is registered in your name. The dealership selling the vehicle will usually take care of this on your behalf, however, in the case of a private sale, you need to make arrangements for an inspection yourself. It is important to note that the Roadworthy Inspection does not have to mention whether the car has been in an accident.

For a detailed roadworthy checklist, please contact your nearest DEKRA branch.

A Roadworthy Inspection is an important step in keeping your car in good condition.

A Roadworthy Inspection is an important step in keeping your car in good condition. During a Roadworthy Inspection, a certified mechanic will check your car for any potential safety hazards. They will also test things like your brakes, suspension, and tires to make sure they are up to par. Passing a Roadworthy Inspection means that your car is safe to drive. It is important to get a roadworthy certificate every year or two, or whenever you make major changes or alterations to your vehicle.

What is included in a Roadworthy Inspection?

The inspection will check for any major or minor problems with the vehicle, and if any repairs are needed, it will be noted in the report.

Please note: The DEKRA roadworthy certificate does not indicate whether the vehicle has been in an accident.


As part of a Roadworthy Inspection, the DEKRA examiner will check your tires to ensure they are in good condition and inflated to the proper pressure. They will also look for any signs of wear or damage, such as cracks, bald spots, or cuts. If your tires fail the inspection, you will need to have them repaired or replaced before your vehicle can be deemed roadworthy.


When you bring your car in for a DEKRA Roadworthy Inspection, the vehicle inspector will give it a thorough check-up to make sure it is safe, and all parts are in working order. One of the most important parts of the inspection is the brakes. The DEKRA inspector will check both the front and rear brakes, and they will also test how well they work by using a brake test machine. If there are any problems with your brakes, the mechanic will let you know so that you can get them fixed before taking your car out on the road again.


When you bring your car in for a Roadworthy Inspection, a DEKRA inspector will check to ensure that all of your lights are functioning properly. This includes your headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals. Our inspector will also check to make sure that your mirrors are correctly positioned and that all of your reflectors are intact.

Ten-point checklist for your car


Your car's suspension system is responsible for a smooth ride, and it's important to make sure it's in good working order. During a Roadworthy Inspection, we will check the condition of your suspension components and look for any signs of damage. We will also test the shocks and struts to see if they're still providing adequate damping. If any repairs are needed, they'll be listed on the roadworthy certificate.


Our inspector will also check the condition of your steering. They will look at the steering wheel itself as well as the linkage between the wheel and the rest of your car. If there are any signs of wear or tear, it will be indicated

The DEKRA vehicle inspectors will also, as part of their checklist, examine the following:

  • Fittings (mirrors, safety belts and more)
  • Engine
  • Exhaust system
  • Transmissions and driving instruments
  • Electrical systems

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions. It gets you from point A to point B, and it's a big part of your life. It is so important to keep your car running smoothly. You need to ensure that it is regularly serviced and inspected for any potential issues. The DEKRA Roadworthy Inspection ensures that your car is safe to drive on the roads and that it meets all the legal requirements. Book a Roadworthy Inspection at a branch near you.