Want to sell a second-hand car?

How an independent Condition Report can be of great assistance!

1 June 2021

How Can condition report assist vehicle seller

Want to sell a second-hand car? How an independent Condition Report can be of great assistance!

In a tight economy, the second-hand retail motor industry booms, and with a greater inventory of used vehicles that can be found online, it makes it easy for potential buyers to narrow down exactly what they are looking for. While many buyers remain sceptical of the potential 'problems' they could inherit, second-hand car dealerships and private sellers can give prospective buyers a higher level of buying confidence by providing them with an independent vehicle condition report.

What is a Condition Report?

A condition report is a comprehensive digitalised and image rich report that informs a potential buyer of the technical status of a vehicle. The value of such a report comes to the fore in the fact that the vehicle has been independently inspected by an expert that has no bias towards the seller or prejudice towards the buyer. It simply provides an impartial and a report on the actual condition of the vehicle.

You have the option to do a condition report on a second-hand vehicle as a car dealership or as a private individual, upfront. The alternative is to offer the option for a prospective client to do a condition report at their own cost, which means that you will need to provide the company compiling the report, access to the vehicle. A prospective client can also insist on the completion of a condition report as part of the sale, at which point it is up to you to decide whether you will allow it or not, with the latter option perhaps giving rise to misgivings on the buyer's part.

DEKRA Automotive is a trusted name in the field of Condition Reports, having been operational in South Africa since 2008 with branches across the country. Visit our website to find a branch closest to you.

How a Condition Report works, for a vehicle seller:

Contact the closest branch to you, to make a booking. One of our qualified vehicle inspectors first test the brake efficiency of the vehicle, followed by a visual inspection of the vehicle interior, exterior, undercarriage and mechanical condition of the vehicle. For a small extra fee, a Vehicle Diagnostic can be performed to check for any error codes stored on the vehicles control units. Once completed the report is quality checked and then supplied electronically to the client.

The best approach would be to complete a condition report on the vehicle in question before listing it on your preferred marketing platform as, 'for sale'. The report is a distinctive marketing tool that signals to a prospective buyer that the vehicle has been independently tested, which ultimately adds value to their buying decision.

For more information on getting a condition report for your vehicle, visit DEKRA.

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