Planning on selling your vehicle

Planning on selling your vehicle

11 October 2021


Planning to sell your car - Why not consider a DEKRA report to establish the real condition, so you get the maximum value?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current vehicle via trade-in or simply looking to sell off your vehicle for financial reasons, we have an advanced and solid solution to ensure you maintain and enjoy peace of mind throughout the selling process.

There are various ways a seller can be sure to get the most value and money out of the sale of their vehicle. One way to enjoy peace of mind during the sale process, is an effortless and valuable DEKRA Condition Report.

DEKRA Automotive offers a condition report that is a comprehensive digital report, rich with imagery, data on the vehicle, and the technical status of the vehicle.

DEKRA is recognised across the globe for precise and in-depth tests conducted by professional DEKRA vehicle examiners. Statistics show that there is a higher possibility of a buyer purchasing a vehicle that has been inspected by DEKRA, than that of a vehicle that has not. As a seller, by ensuring you have a vehicle condition report for your used vehicle, you can quickly and easily understand if the sales price you are looking for, matches the value of the vehicle you have. The DEKRA condition report will help you understand the true condition of your vehicle and whether you are over-pricing or under-pricing your car.

Planning on buying a second-hand vehicle. Understand options that will assist you in your purchasing journey.

In the last few years, there has been a significant spike in the number of purchases of used vehicles within South Africa according to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa (NAAMSA). Used vehicle sales are on the rise, due to the rising prices of new vehicles available in South Africa and the volatile exchange rate within South Africa.

Although purchasing a second-hand vehicle is a great option for those buying on a stricter budget, or for purchasers who want better value out of their vehicle purchase, there is quite a lot to consider before finalising the deal.

Here are a few things tips to consider when purchasing a used vehicle:

DEKRA Automotive acts as an independent service provider free of any particular industry or stakeholder bias with services and products that extend across the entire value chain of a motor vehicle:

  1. Look for a reputable seller

    There are many automotive publishers in South Africa, that advertise either dealership or private vehicle sellers. Most of the advertisers listed on these websites have been verified, but it is important to ensure that the vehicle you are enquiring on hasn't had any serious damage or has non-working parts. A quick and easy way to ensure that the seller is reputable and the car in a decent condition, is to enquire for both a Vehicle Profile Enquiry from TransUnion and a Vehicle Condition Report from DEKRA.

  2. Research the vehicle

    Ensure that you research as much financial information as possible about the vehicle. Identify the make, model, variant, and year of manufacture. Understand the vehicle trade and retail values to ensure the dealer or private seller isn't over-pricing the car (which can be the reality for a used car model in high demand). If you choose to finance your car, ensure that you discuss with your preferred financial provider, what their rules and regulations are, to finance a used vehicle.

  3. Understand the After-Sales Support available

    Vehicles are unfortunately not maintenance free, and whether you purchase a newer or older model car, you need to understand the working history of the car, the maintenance history of the car and whether the car has been in previous accidents or not. You also need to understand whether the car you have purchased can be serviced in a convenient proximity of where you either work or live and should you unfortunately end up in an accident, how quickly and easily you can source applicable parts for repair. Its important to also understand what warranties a dealership will give you, should that be your preferred seller. Usually, private vehicle sellers don't offer any kind of warranty, which is again, a good reason to get a Vehicle Condition Report on the vehicle ahead of purchase, so that you can efficiently plan any maintenance or repair the car may need, ahead of purchase.

  4. Be Aware of 'Voetstoots'

    Voetstoots in South African law, added to a vehicle purchasing/selling contract, means that you are buying a vehicle without a seller's guarantee or warranty. Voetstoots is usually applied to purchasing contracts of immovable property, however, it isn't uncommon to come across this clause when buying a used vehicle. You shouldn't have a problem if you have researched the vehicle adequately, as per the above tips, ahead of signing any contract or finalising the purchase.

    If buying from a private buyer, it is highly likely that you will be purchasing the vehicle as it is, faults and all. Should you opt-in for this option it is important that you request for the buyer to provide you with a full list of all the vehicles defects so you have an idea of exactly how much the repairs may cost and if the purchase is worth it. Save yourself thousands of rands with DEKRA's range of vehicle reports. DEKRA offers Safety Checks,Roadworthy,Multi-Point Checks,Technical Inspections and a Vehicle Condition Report. Our detailed and comprehensive reports will break down and highlight all the possible problems a vehicle may have.

What are the most common pitfalls when buying a second-hand vehicle?

Buying a used vehicle is a great option and doesn't need to be a fearful journey. Know the possible pitfalls, so that you can avoid them. We have listed the top pitfalls of used vehicle buying below:

  • Not understanding the cost of ownership: Its important to factor in fuel and maintenance costs to run your car. Some cars are heavy on fuel consumption whereas others are quite economical to operate. Understand the fuel consumption and required maintenance of the car you are looking to buy.
  • Book a Test Drive: Give yourself the opportunity to review the car in person and test drive the car. Many buyers rely only on pictures and seller listings ' this is not advisable.
  • If you have a vehicle to trade-in, research the trade and retail prices, don't just accept the first offer you receive for the vehicle.
  • Understand the legal terminology used in the Offer To Purchase or purchasing contract. Check for the Voetstoots clause or any other clauses added to the documentation, that may reduce or remove a warranty or guarantee on the purchase of the vehicle.

Eliminate buyer's remorse with a DEKRA report.

To ensure your journey of purchasing a second-hand vehicle, is seamless and enjoyable, insist on a DEKRA Vehicle Condition Report from the seller and know exactly what you are buying into. With our reports, buyers can easily establish the exact value of the vehicle they are purchasing and quickly determine if the vehicle is worth the purchase. Our qualified team of experts will ensure a thorough inspection is conducted of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. DEKRA has over 40 nationwide quality service stations to assist every used car buyer or seller, easily and conveniently.

Enjoy peace of mind with a DEKRA report today!