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The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Condition Reporting.

1 August 2021

Why a vehicle condition report can save your life

The Ins and Outs of Vehicle Condition Reporting

When purchasing a second-hand vehicle, it is absolutely worth knowing the mechanical and technical status of the vehicle for the safety of your family and peace of mind when purchasing the vehicle.

Garth Johnson, CEO DEKRA Automotive, says DEKRA Automotive South Africa is the authority on vehicle condition reporting. 'Our expert team inspects 650 000 vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks or buses worldwide on an annual basis. Our third-party vehicle condition report will help you to learn the true condition of a vehicle by means of a transparent and independent process that you can rely on as a buyer or a seller,' explains Johnson.

'If you are thinking of purchasing a second-hand vehicle, you would want to know about any damage to the vehicle so that you can trust the condition of it and feel safe with no unexpected surprises lurking in the background. It is for this reason, that our experienced experts note and evaluate all damage on a vehicle, based on pre-defined technical guidelines and standards that are relevant across borders,' says Johnson.

A comprehensive condition report for used vehicles includes:

  • Vehicle identification - The make, year, mileage on the clock and any vehicle options and accessories to the vehicle.
  • Verification of loose items - This includes the jack, vehicle spanner and spare tyre.
  • Tyres and wheels - The amount of tread currently on the tyres, its rims, shocks and brakes.
  • Body inspection - In-depth look at the exterior body of the vehicle to identify any scratches or dents in addition to the state of the vehicle's lights and wipers.
  • Engine compartment - A look at the general state of the engine.
  • Electrical components and instruments - Turning the ignition on, looking at instrumentation such as the fuel gauge, speedometer, window mechanisms, air-conditioning/fans and the actual steering.
  • Interior - The state of the seats in the vehicle, carpets on the floor, mirrors, upholstery and boot.
  • Under Carriage - A look at the undercarriage of the vehicle, its axle, suspension and exhaust.
  • Road Test - Confirm whether the vehicle has been for its roadworthy test.

'Once our comprehensive vehicle condition report is finalised, the client receives an in-depth digitalised report with images that will verify the actual state of the vehicle. The report will also highlight any existing issues on the vehicle, which is an invaluable source of information that can prove very handy when it comes to negotiating the price of the vehicle,' explains Johnson.

It is not only the vehicle buyer that benefits from a comprehensive condition report, but also the seller. 'The report underpins total transparency and goes a long way in building trust with prospective clients. The fact that a dealership is willing to subject its vehicles to a detailed inspection that is completed by an external third-party expert in the field, speaks to the independent quality of the vehicle and confirms that the client can take their word for it, as a matter of speaking,' says Johnson.

The benefits derived from a DEKRA vehicle condition report provides:

  • Transparency in the transaction process.
  • Accurate damage identification to capture the actual state of the vehicle.
  • The insight of an independent, third-party expert in the field.
  • A Standardised inspection process that is recognised across borders.

'A vehicle condition report is a cost-effective solution that suits the customer's pocket, whether you are an individual wanting independent insight into the actual condition of a second-hand vehicle you are considering buying, or a dealership wanting to play open cards with prospective clients. Either way, the wealth of information contained within the report provides complete peace of mind and allows a prospective client to make an informed decision on the risk they are willing to take,' concludes Johnson.

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DEKRA Automotive Pty Ltd commenced operations in South Africa on 1 October 2008 and is a joint venture partnership with DEKRA Germany, a market leader in the supply of roadworthy certificates and technical checks - the DEKRA seal - and is present in 19 countries worldwide.

DEKRA is known for its highest standards of quality, the level of expertise of its employees and the fact that once DEKRA places its name on a product; be it a roadworthy or safety certificate, the DEKRA name is completely trusted.

We believe this knowledge and awareness helps to build safety for motorists and the community, and above all, the preservation of human life through the delivery of quality products.

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